michelle mackey

Inter Realities - solo show, NYC

The Durst Organization is pleased to present Inter Realities by Michelle Mackey. The Brooklyn-based artist who creates paintings that reflect upon the rapidly changing Williamsburg neighborhood where she lives and maintains her art studio. In all of her work, Mackey brings a strong personal vision using composition as a guiding force for combining the realistically pictured and the abstractly expressed. In the artist’s words,“I experience life in fragments and I desire the whole story. Occasionally, disparate ideas and events suddenly coalesce and I get a glimpse into an interconnected reality. There are pockets of space in my paintings that relate to these glimpses or portals into awareness of systems larger than me. The interactions on the canvas talk about the interactions that make up the world: one action is echoed by another and responds to yet another - nothing occurs in isolation. Ultimately,my painting is about what we make of the fragments around us.” Mackey,who was born in Washington DC and who grew up in Texas, received her MFA in Painting at the Pratt Institute and she exhibits with PSCA. Her work may be found in many public and private collections.