michelle mackey

No Egress: Dark Ecologies


Dark ecologies emerge as the presumed stable boundaries between objects, space, and time fall apart. In the dark ecological imagination there is no other, no outside, no elsewhere to deposit history and its ruins. A dark ecology marks that territory in which all things collapse and co-exist; in the wake of progress there is a ceaseless persistence of all things.

This exhibition explores ways in which material and psychical residue permeate the present moment. Architectural fragments, hyperobjects, news bytes and social unrest create a field of persistence. Each participant traces this dark ecological thought to confront and re-imagine an environment in which there is no escape from the things that surround and invade us.

The artists’ works range in media, but all of the work is focused on the persistence of material and memory beyond a human timescale.

Charlotte Becket
Halsey Hathaway
Michelle Mackey

Curated by Emmy Mikelson