michelle mackey


Michelle Mackey's paintings are included in the most recent edition of New American Paintings!

Our juror, Jen Mergel, Assistant Curator, Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston has
selected you as the "Juror's Pick" for No. 80 of New American Paintings:

"Michelle Mackey's recent paintings suggest cartography abstracted: what appear to be curving latitudes, locational grids, or shape-shifting shorelines seem to map an uncharted zone of infinitely receding space.  Klee's Spinnaker is striated with thin gold lines showe gentle art could imply a round world rendered flat, or the interior of a spinnaker bulging with wind as it propels us forward across thes darkness.  Is the central silhouette a continent emerging from the depths, or the hollows of a glowing sheet blown loose, or more of a floating solid, or void?  Mackey combines fragments of sharp contour, translucent color, decision and chance into layered dimensions at once definec and undefinable."